Researcher personal profile

I’m a 42 year old late-diagnosed autistic woman. Writer, organiser, researcher, perpetual list-maker, passionate, traveller, walker and with a constant desire to learn about humanity while making sure I nurture my need for solitude. It’s an on-going balancing act.

Until the age of 41, I had never even considered the option that I may be autistic. My children both have ADHD and it was only through my research to support them on their neurodivergent path that I came to realise that my life story would make so much more sense through an autistic lens.

The shock, elation, grief, identification and understanding of my personal experience has been framed by a growing awareness of the limited research on and by autistic women and my desire to add to this body of research. I believe that my personal narrative has the potential to provide an increased level of reflexivity and sensitivity to my research.

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