Welcome to the site dedicated to qualitative research into the autistic experience, aiming to provide a forum for collaboration, education, sharing, support and connection.

How to participate in the ‘Naturally Connected Neurodiversity’ project

Thank you for considering to participate in my research. I’m so grateful that autistic women are willing to share their personal stories. As the first stage is easiest to complete in writing, this page links to the research questions, a confirmation of the research information and the consent form.

Latest research project

This research project aims to qualitatively explore the lived experiences and impact of late-diagnosis/identification in autistic women and consider the therapeutic and wellbeing connection with the natural environment.

Researcher personal profile

I’m a 42 year old late-diagnosed autistic woman. Writer, organiser, researcher, perpetual list-maker, passionate, traveller, walker and with a constant desire to learn about humanity while making sure I nurture my need for solitude.

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